Justin Bieber.  Ricky Martin.  Cristiano Ronaldo.

What do they have in common? Sharing their selfies in a facial mask with the world.  Males celebrities in the US have seemingly caught on the sheet mask craze recently

Back in South Korea, usage of sheet masks are so rampant that some guys even use it so often that it has been incorporated into their daily skincare routine.

What do we think?  Applying a sheet mask from time to time should be the basic of men’s grooming.

So what is the deal about sheet masks?  

One, it visibility improves the health of your skin with just a single use.  

Essentially, sheet masks are sheets of paper drenched with a specific type of serum, which, depending on the type of mask, help target a specific skin problem that you are facing.  GQ calls it “a mini facial in a packet”.

To better care of his skin, we encourage the modern guy to use these boost packs regularly – at the very least once every week.

male facial

3 Benefits of Sheet Masks 


Ranging from 50 cents (look for 1-for-1 deals at Myeongdong 명동 in Seoul, Korea) to approximately 10 dollars per sheet for luxury brands, it is really still quite cheap for a quick and effective alternative to boost your skin condition.


You may easily purchase it at your nearest drug store or retail store in shopping mall.

Packed in a thin and light plastic packing, it is also easy to carry around and use it when you are on the go – in a plane, watching TV, and even while driving!

All you need is 15 minutes of undisturbed relaxation.


Most importantly, the specific active ingredients in the serum/sheet mask directly tackles your skin concerns.  In other words, you always have the choice of active ingredient you want, as it is often sold as an individual piece.

Active ingredient : Ingredients in skincare products that are responsible for delivering the proposed benefits.

What should I look out for?


Always choose the type of mask/active ingredient according to your skin condition.

For instance, if you are having late nights regularly, to brighten up dull skin, get sheet masks with Vitamin C as its active ingredient.


Do keep within the window period of 15 – 25 mins (30 mins max).  Do note that some ingredients are not suitable to be left longer than the stipulated time.

(It is said that once it reaches a point of seeping into your skin, because of the water concentration ratio, it might have reverse effect of drawing out the moisture of your skin if you leave it over night.)


Korean skincare recommends doing some lymphatic drainage massages to hasten the absorption and to prevent bloating.

If you find it difficult to master, after removing the sheet mask, you may wish to dab or pad the residue into on your face to ensure optimal absorption.

What is next?

To help you make informed decisions when selecting your sheet masks, we will be introducing the various types of active ingredients in sheet masks, and how it helps with the common skin concerns for males.

Please stay tuned for more!

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