Been a really really big big fan of Final Fantasy since I was a toddler. Played the game on PC twice. Downloaded onto my phone and tired playing it a year ago.

After a long wait and lots of deliberation with myself, I finally got my hands on the latest Final Fantasy 15!

Watch me while I unbox the game and try it out for the first time.

I didn’t get this sooner simply because really want to invest in a PS4 as I am an extremely light user aka extremely selective about the games I play.

But, I finally got my hands on the FF game because I am actually loaning the console from my cousin.  A BIG THANK YOU TO HIM!

PS: I cancel all my plans and didn’t sleep for this. HAHA.

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Louis Junho 준호

I talk alot about skincare & muse about life.
Used to live in Seoul and now on an island-state called Singapore.
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