Tips on moisturizing for the modern male

Boyish Tip #1 : Choose your moisturiser carefully.

Check the ingredients of your moisturizing cream or lotion as some products may contain harsh ingredients.

Always be sure to buy one that is compatible with your skin type.  For instance, if you don’t like it too greasy or due to acne-prone skin, pick a moisturizer that is oil-free, fragrance-free, noncomedogenic.photo722505

Boyish Tip #2 : Best times to moisturise is usually after you bathe, exfoliate or shave.  

After you bathe or wash your face, it is the ideal time to apply moisturizer.  And for optimal results, do it right after toning as toners prep your skin for absorption.

As for shaving and exfoliating, it normally results in the removal of dead skin cells, which can strip your skin of its most natural and essential oils, so it is always good to replenish the lost contents with a good and nourishing moisturizer.

Boyish Tip #3: Do it the right way. 

With your face still slightly damp, always apply moisturizer gently by using upward strokes.  Not only it helps to get the products and ingredients into the pores where it should belong, the motion prevents the downward tugging of the skin that can result in pre-mature fine lines.

Boyish Tip #4 : Put in the extra effort to keep your body well hydrated.  

As 75% of the human body is made up of water, you need to drink sufficient water throughout the day to keep it hydrated and never in a deficit of water.

I hope this post is insightful into why hydration/moisture should be the top priority for men when it comes to skincare. 🙂 
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