I am a real sucker for flowers – used to buy them almost every week when I was living in Korea.

I would attribute it to how I pride my aspirations to be a 꽃미남 ; “kot mi nam”  (which means flower boy literally in Korean used to describe pretty boys)  –  one of the reasons The Boyish Life was started.

Increasingly, not going to hide or deny,  I am realising that I am part of the millennial group that is drawn to the aesthetics of things we see on Tumblr and Pinterest.  And for myself, I love how the flowers look in term of type and style of representation.

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I am elated to say that I have finally found a florist in Singapore that offer the exact thing I have been hoping to see and have. (SO EXCITED!)

For me, I love flowers so much to the point that I would buy them as and when I like  –  giving them to surprise a friend or just keep it to create a welcoming atmosphere to my room.

But sadly, as compared to Korea, flowers are generally expensive in Singapore and the cheap ones just look… well, not too pretty.

Until I found Meadows & Clouds, which offers a range of both dried and fresh flowers – giving you the options to have the dried ones for keeps and the fresh flowers as presents to others.

Here a video of Meadows & Clouds.


I am absolutely in love with the rustic style of the mini bouquets!

Did I mention it is so affordable that for my first purchase, I bought a cotton flower which costs me around 10 bucks, and the florist Shumin went above and beyond to make it into two separate bouquets.  Absolutely value for money.

Here are two images of my very simple but meaningful purchase (gave one to my mom)!


Isn’t it pretty? And it is so affordable that it is easy to make the decision to get it – and boy did it make my day.  Brought me back to old times (check out my video on Seoul, South Korea here).

The friendly florists are also very approachable because I noticed that they will go the extra mile to come up with something similar or close should you have a certain style you like.



” You might get something nice for someone special (it’s father’s day!) or get something for yourself.  I would recommend the dried flowers – simply because it is going to last a very very long time! 🙂 “

Meadows & Clouds is located at Esplanade Mail, 8 Raffles Ave, #02-05 Singapore.

| Directions here | Facebook Page | Website | Email |

For further enquires, contact Shumin directly at 9480 0831



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