The Boyish Life - Singapore Website Awards

Hey guys!  I have been informed that The Boyish Life has won an award in Singapore Website Awards 2017 (SWA)!

YAY to both you and me as we bagged the SITE OF THE MONTH award for June, emerging as the winner under the Personal Category.

“The Singapore Website Awards 2017 (SWA), a prestigious Website Awards program organized by Exabytes Group of Companies, a Leading Web Hosting Provider in Southeast Asia, seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best web developers, web designers and web agencies in the country.”

This website has only been set up for a couple of months (watch the very first vlog), but we were always engaging with how you guys were interacting with the site, and with the feedback you gave, we constantly embark on improvements / work-in-progress.

So we definitely could not have done it without you!


With that said, I am going to invite everyone to be more involved because we are a community! Feel free to comment / submit questions / suggest what you think that the Boyish Life should do or go next. 🙂

Apart from being the winner of this month, we are in the running for TWO other awards, which is The Public’s Favorite Website award, and The Site Of the Year award – this means that we’ll be going head-on-head with winners from other months + other sites from categories like commercial and e-commerce.

So, we need your help to vote for The Boyish Life so that we can win this as a family!

(Shall we call us the “lifers” or “stylers”? Heehee)

All you have to do is to click on the link below and vote! 🙂

Vote for The Boyish Life


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I talk alot about skincare & muse about life.
Used to live in Seoul and now on an island-state called Singapore.
㋛ Join me on this journey of life!

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