I have always been consciously on the look out for something to help manage sudden breakouts.  Something that is easily available and ideally should also be dermatologist-recommended.

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I have always wanted a staple product that deals with skin issues like spots and acne.

My hypersensitive skin flares up whenever I stay up in the night, or is having less-than-usual intake of water.

(If you’re skin-obsessed like me, you should know how difficult and expensive it is to get products directly from the skin doctor.)

But… I believe I have found it.  That holy grail product to cope to breakouts. 🙂

For this post, I am going to introduce a brand I recently came across. 

Expect individual product review for subsequent posts – where I will share my experience and afterthoughts after giving my skin more time for visibly significant results to share.

And feel free to remind me or ask me questions on my Instagram @louistylersim.

Dr. Lin Skincare

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Lin Skincare from Beverly Hills sent me a couple of items for me to try out.  I actually saw some surprising results the very next day. Read on to find out more.

Now, I am actually seriously considering to include this product as one of my “staple product” and a must get item.

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But first, let me share with you more on Dr Lin’s Skincare.

Let’s begin with his story.

The founder, Dr. Michael Lin, has a personally struggled with acne before and has made it his mission to help people attain that clear and healthy skin.

Dr. Lin is now one of America’s leading board certified dermatologists, and has grown his practice across multiple locations within Los Angeles, including the flagship clinic in Beverly Hills.  Men Skincare Grooming Blog The Boyish Life Singapore - Dr Lin Skincare 6

More importantly, he has launched his very own Acne Clarifying System in various retail stores such (Walmart etc.) – watch his video here.

By the way, he is also the Kardashian’s Dermatologist! (watch the video from Fox News here and from CBS here) 

First Impressions

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Before I begin sharing on my first impressions, I like to take this opportunity to really thank the team at Dr. Lin Skincare.  When they first sent me the trial kit, somehow one of the product (the cleanser, actually.) leaked during transition and damped the other items.

I thought maybe they could just send me another cleanser, but they actually sent a full second set!  This is amazing customer service and lot of loves and pride for their product.  Kudos to the team! 🙂

Essentially, the hero product line is The 2-Step Acne Clarifying System, which contains a Daily Cleanser and Acne Lotion.

My first impressions :



(1) I saw visible results in as little as 24 hours – for both ripe and new spots.
  • The tiny breakouts on my forehead (all 5 little babies up there) cleared up within 12 hours… what sorcery is this?!
(2) It is actually really easy to use.
  • I believe it is effective for all skin types as it doesn’t really cause that much dryness.
(3) It is paraben-free (Yay!)
  • Click here if you want to know more about why paraben should be avoided for its alleged harmful effects.
(4) Apparently, it does not only treats the troubled areas like acne.
  • I saw visible lightening effects on both dark and red pigmentation marks from previous spots/scars.
However, I have two piece of cautionary advice when it comes to using this product:
  • You may wish to skip using a toner.  The product is designed to work better without the drying effects of the toner.
  • As Dr. Lin’s formula consist of a ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other natural active botanicals, do remember to keep your skin hydrated by drinking more water or a separate moisturizer!


Dr. Lin Skincare is offering a promo discount for readers of The Boyish Life or “Stylers” – my IG friends and family!

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This is something you want to get because I am also using it and really seeing some pretty good results.  I would recommend two items: (1) Daily Cleanser, and (2) Acne Spot Corrector.

Visit Dr. Lin’s website in the link below
Use the PROmo code now
Key in my code “LOUIS20” to get a whooping 20% OFF all items. 🙂

*This is not a sponsored post.
Up next:  Individual Reviews on Dr. Lin Skincare

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