Hi friends! I have been receiving many questions on the branding of this blog.

“What is a Boyish Life and Selfcare/Skincare?”

“What is the link?”

This short post/FAQs will bridge the link between A Boyish Life & Selfcare and share more on the reasons behind the associations for those who are interested and been wanting some answers 🙂

  1. What does it mean to have a “Boyish Life”?
  2. What is the link between a “Boyish Life” and “Selfcare / Skincare”?
  3. So… for skincare, where does that come in?
  4. Last question… Is The Boyish Life just for males?

1. What does it mean to have “Boyish Life”?

Essentially, there are some charmed values when it comes to living a boyish life.  And living that life is a lifestyle choice with 4 fundamental values as follows:

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 2. What is the link between a “Boyish Life” and “Selfcare/Skincare”?

Lifehackers aptly expressed the idea of selfcare as follows:

“Taking care of your basic physical and emotional needs should really be the backbone for getting stuff done, but ironically, self care is usually the first thing to go.”

They are right.  Many living in modern societies today have clearly what is it like to spare a personal thoughts about oneself or others.

Some may be too involved at work (emotionally and physically), while others blindly follow suit of what others are doing without considering or appropriating those choices in accordance to their own individuality.

BUT life is more than just work.  And life is more than just about fitting in. Your life is about you, your aspirations and what makes you happy (recall Boyish values #1: Positivity).

Some may have mistaken selfcare as a reward system, especially when life throws you lemons.  But it is not that simple.

Having selfcare, which is fundamentally built on having self-awareness, tells you to take a pause in those situations.  It guides you to get a time-out because you need those me-time to think, recharge and regroup – whether is it a couple of minutes or career break.

“Some may be too involved at work (emotionally and physically), while others blindly follow suit of what others are doing without considering or appropriating those choices in accordance to their own individuality.”

Selfcare is a lifestyle choice to embrace your individual personhood – be touch with yourself, your emotions and your identity (recall Boyish values #2 : Self-love).

I don’t want to be like those lifestyle+beauty blogger/youtubers who tell you to buy a product because it is good or that it is in trend.

I want to be that friend who tells you about something interesting and meaningful, and let you decide if it is what suits you and what you want, then I would encourage you to do it.  And more importantly, embrace it even if everyone else isn’t doing it (recall Boyish values #3 : Boldness).

It is only when only when something sings and resonates with who you really are inside, that’s where true passion is and that’s where you’re truly enjoying and living your life (recall Boyish value #4 : Authenticity)

3. So… for skincare, where does that come in?

Skincare is just what resonates the most with me (@louistylersim) when it comes to self-care.

I actually also advocate having good emotional hygiene (but… lets leave that for another post.  But you can check out the following video).

When it comes to selfcare, when I am having a bad day, or a good day actually, I enjoy coming home to have a scrub, or have a face mask to rejuvenate myself or to heal my emotional wounds.

I get even more excited to share the effects of a new product or some skincare techniques I know with people who face similar interests or issues.

So, this means majority of the post here is largely be about skincare and bodycare.  But that would not steer the main mission of The Boyish Life that is advocating the values of being Boyish .

In a nutshell, the 4 values are 1) Positivity, 2) Self-love 3) Boldness ; and 4) Authenticity or “Genuineness“.

I hope this has clarified some of the confusion of who and what we are.

4. Last question… Is The Boyish Life just for males?

The answer is no.

Personally, I don’t support gender labelling.  While the term “boyish” comes with some  baggage of male stereotypes, I think we are at a stage where we are past those age-old expectations of what a female or male should be.

The boyish life hopes to blur the boundaries and create some fluidity of what “boyish” or “girlish” means.

When someone says tells us that we are too “boyish” for a girl or too “girlish” for a boy, and we should be ready to reply them that you’re neither simply because you are yourself – you do what you like and what makes you happy.

So it really doesn’t matter if what your biological gender is, or whatever number represents your age, if this four values resonates with you, or you’re just looking for skincare tips, I hope you keep supporting The Boyish Life. 🙂

I like to hear from you so leave me a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram.

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Till next time!

Keep on inspiring. 
Just be #boyishboldbrave

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