Hi everyone!

I would first like to say thank to all for supporting this site despite the inactivity.  I can see that the visitor stats are still extremely healthy. 😀

Anyway, if you follow my IG, you would have know that I recently left my job in a IT MNC and is currently back in South Korea.  I appreciate all the concern and I am genuinely touched.

The reason for the abrupt inactivity and the departure back to Korea was simply because I lost my rhythm of life.

While I enjoyed many things about working in my job role, it was hard to have a structure to my life.  For instance, I was working on weekends every week, skipping dinner, delaying lunch, not sleeping at regular times, waking up late/early… to the point that I wasn’t eating well, sleeping well, thinking well and living well.

Everything was in a mess till it took a toll on my health – physically and mentally.

Boyish Life - Korean Beauty Blog - Louis Tyler - Korea 2017 2

“The reason for the abrupt inactivity and the departure back to Korea was simply because I lost my rhythm of life.” 

But do not worry as I am glad to say that I have left my role, and I am extremely well-rested back here.  Spending time, meeting and talking to close friends, seeing new things and being able to contemplate about my life has given me fresh new perspectives.

Also, I met up with some cool people from the movie industry, entertainment industry, beauty industry, cosmetic industry and I am bringing interesting stories back to you guys.  I will also share more about my thoughts on this chapter and some of my upcoming career plans with you guys.

Once again, thank you for all the care and concern, and I promise that you will see a more open and creative side of me on this site and on my IG.

Watch this space! 😀

Lots of love,

Louis Tyler

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You can ask me questions about skincare, about me, about Korea, or tell me your story or problems, or give me some suggestions or ideas on future topics. Anything! 🙂

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I talk alot about skincare & muse about life.
Used to live in Seoul and now on an island-state called Singapore.
㋛ Join me on this journey of life!

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