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I have always been getting questions on the products I use everyday. So, I finally had time to get this addressed!

(Pardon the flat-laying, really. I tried so hard and my best. I have to admit… I have zero talent in this. :P)

I am sharing 4 products that I am using regularly.

1) Power 10 Formulae PO Cleansing Form from It’s Skin 

I actually just started using this recently – after I came back from Korea.

Some of you might know that I went on a trip back to Korea and had a interesting opportunity to go for skincare classes.

From there, I found out that I could benefit from using Pore Cleanser as it deep cleanse pore and smoothen skin by tightening pores at the same time.

While my skin is generally quite good (from all the things I do everyday lol), it wouldn’t hurt if my pores can be a tad smaller. its_skin_power_10_formula_cleansing_foam_120ml_1.jpg

It is said to be a deep-cleansing pore care system that contains plant extracts, such as Houttuynia cordata, “yellow bark” (?), Japanese sumac, Omija and plums.

It is cleanses and smoothens your skin and is jammed packed with effective active ingredients to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs.

It is said to also be free from harmful substance like paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, surfactant, talc and silicon (supposed to be 7-free but I forgot about the last ingredient).

Click here to visit the product page in Korean

After I started: My skin has lesser breakouts and my pores are smaller. It is a generally affordable (USD $8) and good product to keep pimples at bay. 


2) Tiger Cica Gel Cream from It’s Skin 

I have covered this before in a previous post on the benefits of Tiger Cica, so I won’t go into detail.

Men Skincare Grooming Blog The Boyish Life Singapore - Tiger Cica Its Skin

A few months ago, It’s Skin gave me a PR box containing products of their newly launched Tiger Cica line and I particularly like this Gel Cream.

I love it because of its very adorable packaging and the range is suited for sensitive skin.

It is said to helps to calm and strengthen skin barrier via the Cica-Leaf Barrier (contains 33% of the beds).

You should know that I am an advocate of Centella extract and you can read more in my previous post here.

After I started: Something about this seems very boyish and I love the scent! After applying, you leave a very fresh, minty and tingling effect on your skin. And it feels moisturised.

However, it is a bit thick and some how feels like a part of it is left on the surface of your skin.


3)  Bio Essence from IOPE Men

I have been diligently putting this on for a couple of years now. As recommend by my Noona, this helps to even the texture of your skin – making it smoother and lets bumpy.

I personally like using this because it gives the skin a translucent and white glow to it after use.



So according to the clinical trials done by IOPE Men, skin tested saw improved moisture (+35%), improved texture (+15%), improved skin tone (+6%) and improved brightness (+14%).

Research participants also indicated that they feel that their skin were more moisturised, smoother, improved skin condition and more nourished.

You can find more information about the essence and how to use them here.


But to be frank, in case you saw this post a few months down the road and I am no longer using this product, I am considering switching to the female version just because I prefer the whitening benefits.

I would really recommend all guys in their mid-twenties to start using an essence, to combat aging.

After I started: My skin is a lot younger looking and is sufficiently moisturised. The only thing is that I have to apply this every night, which means that sometimes I will forget. But I will keep working at making this a habit! 


4) Zinc Oxide Tone-Up Cream from VPROVE

This is a pretty new product and V-Prove is actually a very new brand.


Like all tone-up cream, it evens out the skin tone and gives it a some brightness for sometime.

I chose this out of the many other tone-up cream of VPROVE is because the Zinc Oxide has the following benefits:

  1. Sun protection
  2. Acne treatment
  3. Soothing and prevention of inflammation
  4. Anti-aging and hasten recovery

If you want to read more on the benefits of Zinc Oxide, click here

And if you want see the other tone-up creams in VPROVE’s, click here

After I started: I usually use this before I go out for special occasions just to give up a boost and most of the time my friends are impressed. On thing is the effect of the tone-up is temporary and would really love this product to have a longer time whitening effect. 


So there you have it, 4 products that I use daily for my skin. At the end of the day, it’s really about prevention of dryness, pimples, aging or blemishes.

Don’t wait till you have it then start doing things to get rid of it, but try to keep a routine of prevention.

So, protect your skin with me. 🙂

louis tyler - sign off - the boyish life

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