Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you one of my proudest finds in Seoul. This is going to one quick post.

Drumroll please. It is Otto Kimbap, which is located along in a obscure corner in Itaewon known as Usadan gil.  Usadan-gil it is definitely one of the most indie places in South Korea, Seoul.  Here you can find cafes that have interiors designed very differently from other parts of Korea. They are creatively built places definitely worth your time.

You can find shops like music booths, bars, cafes, art and photography studios and Korean restaurants (I just really love this place!).  Click here to see more photos of Usadan-gil.

Anyway, in my opinion, Kimbap is one of the most under-rated Korean snacks/food as it is commonly  associated with the convenience food sold in GS25.  But making a tasty and interesting rice roll requires a lot of effort in curating the taste with seasoning, sauces, spices and ingredient used.

Until I found Otto Kimbap.


Otto Kimbap is so beautiful in a rustic picturesque way that a photographer from the New York Times used in one of its articles about Korea titled “A Hundred Cities Within Seoul” – just take a look at the photo above!

Here is the part about the food.

Let’s get straight to the point.  I don’t quite know how to elaborately describe or explain how delicious the food was (like really!)  But i would say that it is just world’s different from the typical (mainstream) Korean fried chicken shops or Kimbaps stalls.


Food from Otto is simple and homely. That is it.

Owned by a lovely elderly couple, Mr Kim and Mrs Kim who really takes real pride in the concoction of their signature Kimbap and Chicken. Chat with them when you are there and you will soon find yourself falling in love with them and the place entirely.

Taste-wise, it clean and fresh. But the winning formulae is essentially in its sauce. I heard from Mrs Kim that she’d experimented a lot in ensuring the flavour from each ingredients are in perfect harmony and uses only traditional ingredients.


Here is a short video of the really cute kimbap place.



용산구 한남동 764-14

1 Usadan-ro 10da-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Click here for the directions.

It seems that I went back to Korea to look for the most obsure and indie stuff. Stay tuned to find out more on what have I been doing in Korea!

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