I have recently bought another pair of Lacoste shoes and found out that the brand is celebrating it’s 85th anniversary this year. 

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With 85 years under its belt, Lacoste is a french brand founded by French tennis player René Lacoste as La Chemise Lacoste then, and is known today for its iconic polo tee and timeless crocodile motif (not “Crocodile International”.)

Lacoste, as a brand

Apart from its fashion being very close to my style prefrerence, the Lacoste brand is actually quite noteworthy.  Since it’s infamous link with Chinese river polluters that surfaced in a Greenpeace Dirty Laundry report in 2011, the apparel brand seems to be pulling its effort together in recent years to correct its wounded public image with regards to environmentalism.

Evidently, the Lacoste’s line-up in its Fall-winter 2018 collection show earlier this year  adopted naturalistic themes and environmental messages, spotting what is widely known as “activist fashion”.

Here is what Lacoste creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista said:

“It’s my little scale, but if I can do something and the brand can do something to shine a light on some things and think of the environment, sustainability and get us all thinking… Fashion has always been a great vehicle for messages.”

While the collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on launching a unique polo collection saw the brand switching out its iconic crocodile icon for 10 other threatened species, the act of engaging with the civil society smartly and strategically is promising.


The Save Our Species campaign encourages people to participate in the environmental cause with every purchase and sharing that support via online content with #LacosteSaveOurSpecies hashtag.

Lacoste: Stylish Casual


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Personally, I dig the style as it is simple and minimalist.

Lacoste’s use of symmetry and colour blocks exudes a modern style without any complexity, making it suited for sports and the everyday concurrently – or what I call “dandy-ness”.

In particular, in honour of its 85th anniversary, Lacoste has released a 15-piece capsule collection that represents the best of each individual decades – ranging across vintage collared green sweatshirt of the 1950s to a reissue of the 1930’s original prototype polo shirt that inspired iconic L.12.12 shirt we have today.



Lacoste is having a summer sale now – on items from the limited edition 85th Anniversary collection to storewide sale items. While stocks last.

Click here to check out the 85th anniversary collection and and here for the sales items at its official website. Alternatively, you may want to visit the retails stores for more information.

You’re constantly bothered about underdressing or overdressing for a formal-casual occasion or a drinks night-out, Lacoste is definitely the brand for a simple and elegant ensemble – from shirts to shoes and bags – without donning your suit.

And if you happen to be in Singapore between 14 – 24 June 2018, you’re in for a treat!

Head down to Raffles City‘s Garden Court on L1, Downtown City Hall in Singapore to learn more about Lacoste’ origin and evolution at an interactive milestone exhibition -you may stand a chance to win a wardrobe makeover by Lacoste!



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As mentioned, I have recently bought a pair of trainers for myself – the Men’s Straightset Sports textile trainer! I like it a lot. 

It’s a good look for the summer as nautical resort sneaker.  Visible from the sides, the Crocodile-embossed uppers combine with bold pops of blue and red stripes ensure that one stands out from the crowd.

Comes with: (1) Twill canvas uppers, (2) Classic rubber outsoles, (3) Round waxed rope laces, (4) TPU welded crocodile branding, and (4) Upper composition: 100% Textile (100% Cotton)

*Available dark blue, beige and white.


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Thank you for reading and I will see you really soon! 🙂


LACOSTE | Click here for more information on the Men’s Straightset Sports textile trainer

LACOSTE | Click here for the 85th Anniversary Collection

LACOSTE | Click here for the summer sale items

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