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At 29, I fell in and out of love.

Been more than a decade since someone shook up my emotions.

It was so imperfectly perfect till the end.

Thank you for warming up my life.  And giving me hope. To be able to care for someone – without limits, restraints and condition.  Giving only my best and my all.

I will keep these precious memories with me. Always and forever. No regrets.



“Love is without any limit or end, generously just for that one person. Putting your entire heart and effort into it.”



“고마워. 날 많이 아껴주고 사랑해줘서. 누군가에게 이렇게 사랑을 받게 될 줄 몰랐어. 넌 모를 거야. 내가 얼마나 감사하고 행복한 시간을 보내고 있는지. 많이 배우고도 있어. 사랑은 한없이 아낌없이 한 사람만을 위해서 모든 걸 쏟아내는 마음이란 거. 그래서 사랑을 할 땐 서준희처럼. 준희야. 사랑해. 아주 많이. 아주 오래오래 사랑할게…”



Before you assume anymore, demisexuals like myself don’t trust people that easily. I will share more in future posts.


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Louis Junho 준호

I talk alot about skincare & muse about life.
Used to live in Seoul and now on an island-state called Singapore.
㋛ Join me on this journey of life!


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