I alway found the act of sleeping extremely arduous – having problems sleeping due to the disturbance of distracting sounds around me, or just how the deafening silence of the night could create emotional reactions (like anxiety etc.) that further obstruct me from getting my beauty rest.


But when I really do,  I actually tend to sleep quite a lot every night and have pretty reasonably amount of sleep.

For one, I don’t get waken by sudden sounds or movements around me (hopefully there isn’t any at all or it would be really freaky).

And I don’t usually have disrupted sleep, apart from the times I need to wake up for a piss.

But, I have been really trying to work towards falling asleep quicker and ultimately having deeper and quality sleep for health reasons.

Then, I discovered “white noise”.

I was really curious if I could sleep FASTER and DEEPER than before, so I tried sleeping with having “white noise” on for a night.

And the results was quite amazing.  I had a full 9-hour undisturbed sleep.

So, what exactly is “white noise”?

In the most simplest terms, it means using a combination of sounds to mask out other sounds so that your sleep is undisturbed.

(And if you want an in-depth / scientific walkthrough on “white noise”, click here)


I am addicted now. And officially a sleep junkie.

Being the skin junkie I already am, I am even more excited because having deeper sleep is said to help in skin recovery.

So if you are interested in improving your sleep, you can buy a white noise machine, or you can just put it on YouTube like me.

Here are some of my favourites.

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