Released internationally on 2nd Jan 2020, Ashfall is a South Korean fictional disaster movie about Baekdusan, a real volcanic mountain seated on the border between China and North Korea. 

Baekdusan tops lists of places that South Koreans hope to visit before they die. It hold special meaning to them and is even referenced in the national anthem.

I haven’t seen a movie on natural disasters for the longest time – let alone a Korean made film.

And boy boy boy boy boy, the CGI in this film was off the charts.

But it’s not all just about the disaster. SPOILERS ALERT.

I LOVE the scenes that are political and transnational – how this volcanic eruption has implications on those in power as well as the U.S. agenda.

Definitely recommend everyone to support this film.

I may be a little biased as the producer is the same as “Along with the Gods” franchise director Kim Yong-hwa, and stars the same lead actor – and my personal favourite – Ha Jung Woo.

And of course, top actor Lee Byung-hun and my personal bias Suzy Bae (Woohoo!)

Actually little bumped out that Ma Dong Seok only plays a supporting role this time.  As for Jeon Hye-Jin,  I don’t quite know her… sorry!

My only disappointment is, like most Korean drama and films, the ending was super abrupt. (What exactly is about them that always give this “not nicely wrapped” feeling?)


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